Carolina Freitas – Product Designer

About Me

Half Brazilian, half Portuguese, currently living in Malta 🇧🇷 🇲🇹

Passionate about digital technology, with over 11 years of experience in digital products. Challenges drive me, and I thrive on creating and developing digital products that deliver amazing experiences

I believe in transforming complex problems into clear and realistic solutions. In the digital revolution, I aim to transform physical products into a digital experience that not only simplifies our lives but also opens the door to a new world of possibilities 🚀

Soft Skills

Skills that I consider crucial and continuously cultivate to enhance:


Empathizing and putting myself in their shoes enables me to create designs that meet their needs and expectations


Assisting in gathering insights, incorporating feedback, and iterating on designs builds trust within team members


It enables me to analyze design challenges and devise creative solutions to problems


Staying current, embracing new tools and techniques, and adjusting my design process as needed


UX design revolves around solving complex problems and discovering innovative solutions

My Advantage

Some tools that I have skills in and use during the journey of creating a digital product


Adobe XD







Visual Code





These are the companies that trusted in my potential, offering incredible opportunities where I had the pleasure of working 🤝🏻



I had the pleasure of meeting friends with whom we exchanged experiences, here you can see their opinion about my work!

Carol was key to the success of our product. Her keen critical sense, empathy and creativity were paramount to our development team create the best possible mobility app.

During the 5 years we worked together, Carol grew exponentially, from an intern to the lead designer of the organization. Looking forward to learn what she is doing next!
I had the satisfaction of witnessing her remarkable growth upon returning to the RPC group after seven years.

Her dedication and commitment were remarkable, and she always demonstrated a keen interest in enhancing her skills and knowledge. Over the years, this determination has only grown stronger, and her successful journey is a testament to the talent she possesses.
Carol has strong technical skills and an excellent product vision, making applications iterative and simple to use.

She is always learning, has critical thinking and problem-solving mindset using her creativity to add value to the business
I had the pleasure of forming the UX Writer + Product Designer duo with Carol and how easy it was! She is agile, organized, adaptable and built assertive proposals for the business and project objectives.

She is a professional who understands the importance of text and the holistic approach of UX Writing.
Carol was always dedicated and stood out for her ability to solve problems in an agile and concrete way. I have good memories of the times we worked together.

Carol has full capacity to work as UX/UI, Product Designer, I recommend.
Carol is a great partner, with a differentiated product vision and experience, always up-to-date with trends, carrying out discoveries and bringing a very detailed and consistent Ux/Ui.

I recommend her because she is a great professional who combines quality soft/hard skills.


Constantly exploring and studying new methodologies. I am very curious!

  • MBA in UX Design - ESPN (Not finished)
  • UX for Digital - 2018 - Converge You
  • Multimedia Production - 2013 - FIAMFAAM
  • Webmaster - 2013 - Impacta