Carolina Freitas – Product Designer

Ponto Certo Bilhete Único - Transforming the User Experience in Public Transportation in Brazil

Founded as a trailblazer in urban transit solutions, the Ponto Certo Network is a pivotal entity within the transport infrastructure arena. Focused on enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of public transport, the Ponto Certo Network stands as a steadfast ally for passengers, aiming to revolutionize urban navigation.

Around 2016, the process of physically recharging a single ticket at ATMs or accredited points proved to be sluggish and expensive for users, resulting in dissatisfaction and unnecessary costs for all parties involved.

Customers encountered difficulties in locating recharge points, endured lengthy queues during peak times, and faced challenges such as paying the full fare if their card had insufficient balance mid-journey.

Concurrently, the Ponto Certo Network incurred substantial logistical expenses to maintain equipment availability for the population, yet even these efforts fell short. Discover below how these challenges were addressed and resolved.


The goal was to convert sales that were made in physical points ATM to be made more conveniently on a cell phone. Below you can see some of the study stages for this amazing project.


Identification of Pains and Needs

Definition of Personas

Study the Context of Use


Design Strategy


Initial Sketches



Interface Design

Feature Implementation

Technical Feasibility Assessment

Initial Usability Tests


Design Iteration

Functionality Testing

User Testing

Feedback Collection

What's the problem?

The objective was clear, but after some research with internal data, street surveys and based on IBGE, it was identified that the majority of users were low-income, with basic Android phones and slow prepaid mobile access, with little internal memory.


I developed the first application in Brazil that allowed digital and remote recharges via mobile application, revolutionizing the user journey in an accessible, inclusive and intelligent way!


In this flow you can see in a simplified way how the design of this product was in a macro view of how the intelligence behind this sales system works


The introduction of the groundbreaking online recharge platform marked a significant milestone in the transportation industry, fundamentally transforming how individuals interact with public transportation services. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and rapid adoption of the new system by users served as compelling evidence of the effectiveness of our solution.


Innovative Platform in Brazil

Very Good market Acceptance

Market Benchmark

Cost savings for users and the company

Industry Popularity

Screen Appreciation

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